Bathroom Safety Tips

fall prevention tips

With our bathrooms being the most dangerous rooms in our homes, there is absolutely no reason why we can not still enjoy a relaxing bath. Most of the bathroom injuries occur when someone is entering or exiting their tub or shower enclosure. Age is not a factor in bathroom accidents as children and older adults’ account for more than 235,000 bathroom accidents each year. The following are some safety tips on how to prevent slip and fall accidents in your bathroom.

Install grab bars in or near your bathtub or shower enclosure. There are many different types to choose from and are even made to fit over the edge of a bathtub. Grab bars are also available in several different heights. It is important that you have your grab bars professionally installed. This is not a ‘do it yourself’ project.

Have a professional install a tension pole between the floor and ceiling in your bathroom. This will provide extra support while you move around your bathroom.

Purchase a bathtub bench or chair to help you get into and out of your bathtub. These benches are made to fit over the side of your bathtub and even come with back rests for extra support.

Place non-slip bath mats or treads inside of your bathtub. This way you will avoid spilled shampoo or a dropped bar of soap making the bottom of the bathtub more slippery. There are also non-slip decals you can purchase to help prevent slip and falls.

Use non-slip bath rugs on your bathroom floor.

Always keep the toilet lid down just in case you need to sit down quickly after exiting the shower or bathtub.

Leave yourself plenty of time to take a shower or a bath. Rushing will only increase the chance of you slipping and falling.

Install a bathroom intercom system in the event you can not get out of the bathtub or shower when someone else is home. This way you can easily call out for help and assistance.

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