Best Places To Install Grab Bars In The Bathroom Or Around The Home

Moen Peended Grab Bar

Entry Grab Bar

The most common install would be a 16″ to 18″  A 24″ bar is great if a client is in a shower chair and needs more assistance at the lower position to help pull upon to get to a standing or seated position.” At the entry vertical to help the person step in and out of the bathtub or shower. This is the most important bar as most fall occurs at this point making the transfer form 2 different heights and well being wet.

“Install Note: make sure you are not installing the bar to close to a shower door railing on the wall where you would bump your hands against as this can cause bruising to the had or arm. I recommend 4″ to 6″ in towards the back wall from any shower door railing.”

Best Places To Install Grab Bars

Backwall Grab Bar

Along the back wall of the bathtub or shower, we like to see a 24″ to 36″ horizontally hung at 33″ to 36″ from the floor of the bathtub or shower.

“Install Note: If you are installing a bar less than 32″ shift the bar from the center towards the plumbing wall of the shower to give more usable bar to the user when standing under the water of the showerhead.”

Toilet Grab bars

Having grab bars by the toilet is a great idea for anyone that is having any trouble sitting or getting up from the toilet. If possible having 2 grab bars one on each side of the toilet will stabilize the user when sitting or getting up form the toilet. We recommend a 16″ to 32″ grab bar hung horizontally at 33″ to 36″ from the floor to the top of the grab bar.

Other places to think about having grab bars installed

Take the towel bar down and have a grab bar installed in its place, You can still hang the towel over the grab bar and grab it as you step out of the shower area.

Any steps in the home along the wall to have a grip. Grab bars at a garage step.

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