Grab Bar Installation

Chrome Shower Grab Bars

Grab bars are not used only for the safety purpose of public restrooms and hospitals. They also provide safety for your own home, especially in bathrooms. These bars do not just provide benefits to the elder or disabled people, but are also useful for any age group. Installing grab bars in your shower or bathtub provides extra security at the very first step in your bathroom, which are usually quite slippery.

Everyone should add grab bars to avoid injuries. These bars prevent you and your family member from falling and slipping inside the bathrooms. You can install grab bars as per your requirements; it may be horizontally, vertically or diagonally. People should always install a grab bar in the bathtub or shower to avoid injury at first step. It should be installed vertically in front of the bathtub or shower to facilitate your entry or exit. For this purpose, the bar which will work well is a smaller one. On the other hand longer bars will accommodate the users of various heights. Generally, having bars at this particular place will help to prevent the tendency to reach sliding glass doors, towel bars or other unstable fixtures in your bathroom.

To get assistance in both standing and sitting position, grab bars can also be installed near the toilet. These bars can be used in conjunction to raised toilet seat and with a chair height toilet. Mostly grab bars are installed either diagonal or horizontal direction near the toilet. Bars installed in diagonal direction might not reach between studs. To coupe up with this kind of situation, users can mount it with secure mounting anchors at one or both the ends. The diagonal bars put less strain on the wrist because these are more in tune with the natural movement of wrist and hand. They provide comfortable grip for both taller and shorter users. The horizontal bars provide added stability mounted inside the shower or tub. On the other hand the diagonal bars provide added stability when you lower down to sit on the toilet seat.

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