Shower Safety Bars ?

Shower Safety Bars - Have grab bars installed in your home

One of the most important things you can do early on in your remodeling project is to add Shower safety grab bars. These can be installed nearly anywhere, shower, bathtubs, and hallways and they should be mounted into studs or with grab bar anchors to ensure that they’re as secure as possible.

Larger rails and bars that are made of metal are generally the best option because they support the weight more easily and are also not difficult to clean. On the side (or both sides, depending on the layout) of the toilet, in the shower or tub and or as a towel bar, and when getting out of the shower or tub are good places for these shower safety bars. Sinks and vanity areas are not as common, but grab bars can be used anywhere they’re needed.

There are small Safety Bars that can fit into tight spaces and much larger Safety Bars that are designed to be used in showers and next to toilets when there’s plenty of wall space available. No matter how you plan your bathroom safety needs, you’ll want to allow room for bathroom safety bars. You can then create a look you want without compromising security and safety now or in the future. Consider all the places that these grab bars or rails can and would possibly be used, and then go ahead and add them. You’ll have less to worry about the future of your in-home safety.

The goal with any bathroom or home upgrades is to make the home a more easy and accessible place to live. Having Shower Safety Bars installed to give you both peace of mind and the ability to stay in your home for a long time to come. If you have any questions about how we can set your bathroom or home up for the long term please give us a call – 714-225-9215 or make an appointment.

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