OC Grab Bars – The Best Safety Bar Installer In Town

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OC Grab Bars was established in 2005 by Joey Bolohan. The main objective of the company is to provide quality service to their customers with honesty, integrity and respect. The owner began this company when there was a great demand for grab bars in Orange County. He noticed that the elder population is growing remarkably […]

Why grab bars should be a standard in Homes

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Did you know that the bathroom is the most dangerous place in your home? Approximately 235,000 people each year over 15 years of age fall and injure themselves in their own home bathroom with more than 14% of those injuries occurring while getting and off of the toilet. Bathroom injuries increase with age however, shower […]

Grab Bars – Why Installing Them in your Bathroom is a Smart Move

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Grab Bars – Why Installing Them in your Bathroom is a Smart Move As we age, we begin to take notice of certain things that we formerly took for granted. Moving around, getting up and down stairs, and in and out of cars all gradually become more and more difficult as we get older. You […]

Why Installing Grab Bars Is Important!

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OC Grab Bars- Why Installing Grab Bars Is Important As we age, falls in the home and bathroom occur more often then they use too. It is estimated that in one year, 234,000 elder adults were treated in the emergency room due to slipping or falling in the bathroom. Out of the elder adults taken […]

What position should we install grab bars?

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Where should we install grab bars in our bathroom? Grab bars are an essential part of any home where the occupant is elderly or has undergone joint surgery. Falls and accidents account for almost 60% of all injuries for people over 55 and nearly 80% for those over 70. The main problem is that with […]

Bathroom Safety Tips

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With our bathrooms being the most dangerous rooms in our homes, there is absolutely no reason why we can not still enjoy a relaxing bath. Most of the bathroom injuries occur when someone is entering or exiting their tub or shower enclosure. Age is not a factor in bathroom accidents as children and older adults’ […]