Taking Care Of The Elderly In Your Home ?

Taking Care Of The Elderly In Your Home

As our parent’s age it is the children’s job to make sure that mom and dad are safe in their home as falls in the bathroom increase in people who are 65 and older. This is due to poor circulation, certain diseases such as diabetic neuropathy (numbness in the feet), high blood, or low blood pressure not to mention osteoporosis which makes the bones more susceptible to breaking during a fall.

As children get older it is only natural for them to leave home and go about their own life which leaves mom and dad by themselves. When the children are busy with their own families and careers visiting mom and dad generally becomes less and less. Keep your parents safe while you are away and help prevent a bathroom accident by having grab bars installed in their homes.

Purchase an elevated toilet so elderly parents do not have to bend down so far.

Install grab bars next to the toilet to provide extra support while getting on and off of the toilet.

Install grab bars in the bathtub or shower enclosure so your parents have something to hold onto in the event they lose their balance.

Install a hand-held shower along with a bathtub bench or chair so your parents do not have to stand while taking a shower or try to stoop low to sit inside of the bathtub.

Reduce the hot water temperature to less than 120 degrees to prevent scalding on thin elderly skin.

Keep a nightlight in the bathroom on at all times. This will prevent your elderly parents from tripping over the bathroom rug in the middle of the night as the elderly tend to shuffle their feet.

Use rubber non-skid mats or decals in the bathtub or shower enclosure.

Place shelving in the tub or shower so shampoo and soap can be reached easily.

Install a toilet grab bar so your parents can have better stability while getting on and off of the toilet.

Install a bathtub rail for stability and something to grab onto while exiting and entering the tub area.

Our parents took care of us for many years, it is our time to take care of our parents and make sure they are safe just like they did for us. This is what family is all about. Your parents will definitely appreciate your help.

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