Upgrade your Bathroom

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There is nothing worse than being stuck in your own bathroom from either the inability to get out of the tub, off of the toilet or you have fallen and can not get up by yourself. From personal experience having to call a neighbor to help me out of the bathtub due to a bad back was embarrassing and definitely threw modesty right out the window. I was lucky I had my cell phone with me.

Making your bathroom a safe zone in your home is a priority for all ages. Slipping and falling in a bathroom can happen to the young and old alike. With bathrooms generally being small in size your chances of falling and hitting your head either on the toilet or the edge of the bathtub can result in a concussion and even a fractured skull.

There is no time like the present to upgrade your bathroom. Not only will you be creating a safer bathroom environment, you will be adding salability to your home in the event you are in the market to sell. When potential buyers see your bathroom upgraded to include safety grab rails and a higher sitting toilet they will take note.

Safety grab bars and higher sitting toilets do not have to be ugly. In fact, there are many styles and finishes to choose from to match any bathroom. Installing a shower bath grip shower head will prevent the shower head from slipping out of your hand and landing on your foot breaking a toe which, in turn, will make you stand on one leg and causing you to slip and fall.

There is no such thing as having your bathroom upgraded to be too safe. Even in small bathrooms bathtub rails can be installed without taking up any space. Falling in the bathroom is like a row of dominoes that have been touched off. Once you start to fall in your bathroom there is no stopping it. Bathroom injuries include broken bones, concussions, bad cuts that require stitches, and even death.

Safety for your family should be your number one priority. Consider upgrading your bathroom and having the professionals at OC Grab Bars install grab rails and a high sitting toilet to help you keep your family out of harms way.

You never know when you may need assistance going to and leaving your bathroom. When no one is around to assist you, you will still be able to be independent by using safety grab rails. Be safe and not sorry. Installing safety equipment in your bathroom is less expensive than an emergency room bill.

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