Why Installing Grab Bars Is Important!

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OC Grab Bars- Why Installing Grab Bars Is Important

As we age, falls in the home and bathroom occur more often then they use too. It is estimated that in one year, 234,000 elder adults were treated in the emergency room due to slipping or falling in the bathroom. Out of the elder adults taken care of in the emergency room, one third of them, aged 65 and older, were treated with fractures after falling in the bathroom. Where as adults 85 and over, 38% of them were hospitalized due to falling.

If out of the 30% of adults who suffered a hip fracture due to falling had installed Grab Bars in their bathrooms they could have avoided a trip to the emergency room. Grab Bars are a safe and affordable way to ensure safety in the home and in the bathroom. There are multiple areas and ways Grab Bars can be installed in the home. For example you could have them in your shower, near the toilet, in the entryway to your home, in the garage, and even in the back patio.

OC Grab Bars assesses where Grab Bars are needed in the home due to your specific needs. We offer a free assessment when we come to your home and show you where the best places would be due to our experience and knowledge. Some of the ways Grab Bars can be installed are horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally.

Grab Bar installation is not something the elderly or any adult should mess around with. Grab Bars can save everyone time and money, it’s the simple and affordable way to secure your safety in the home and the bathroom. Don’t hesitate and call us today for a free assessment and to hear about what we offer here at OC Grab Bars.

By: Joey Bolohan

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